Courses in Winter 2018

Below is a list of courses being offered in Winter 2017 at the BISC. The third column indicates whether there is a required text and, if so, what it is.

If you do not see your course listed here, please contact us.

Course Code Course title Required text
ARTH117 Art and Architecture in Britain from the c.1700 to the Present. Janson’s History of art : the Western tradition (Janson)
ARTH222 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism No required textbook
ASTR101 Astronomy 1: The Solar System No required textbook
BIOL103 Introductory Biology of Organisms Biological science  (Freeman)
BISC101 Acting Globally No required textbook
CHEM112 General Chemistry General chemistry : principles and modern applications (Petrucci)
CLST129 Introduction to archaeology Archaeology : theories, methods and practice (Renfrew)
COMM339 Channels and Internet Marketing To be confirmed
COMM373 International Business Negotiations To be confirmed
DEVS100 Canada and the “Third World” The companion to development studies (Desai)
ECON112 Introductory Macroeconomics Economics (Begg)
ENGL100 Introduction to Literary Study 1) Northanger Abbey (Austen)
2) Hearts and Minds (Craig)
3) The Roaring Girl and Other City Comedies (Dekker)
4) The Castle of Otranto (Walpole)
ENGL258 Jacobean Shakespeare A range of Shakespeare plays, available online or to borrow from the Library.
FILM337 Cinema and the City No required textbook
FREN150 Français intermédiaire Grammaire progressive du français avec 600 exercices (Grégoire)
GEOL106 Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards Geology and the Environment (Pipkin)
GNDS215 Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity Sex, Gender and Sexuality 3rd ed.(Ferber)
GPHY102 Earth Science System Introduction to Physical Geography 3rd ed.  (Holden)
HIST241 Issues in History: Medieval Europe: Castle Kingdoms, and Religious Conflict Introduction to Medieval Europe 300-1500. 2nd ed. (Blockmans)
HIST289 Britain since 1851 No required textbook
HLTH102 Personal Health and Wellness Core concepts in health (Insel)
HLTH332 Foundations for Understanding Disability No required textbook
HLTH350 Topics in Global Health No required textbook
IDIS305 British Studies 2 No required textbook
INTS306 Culture, Identity and Self No required textbook
KNPE335 Healthy Aging No required textbook
MATH121 Differential and Integral Calculus Calculus (Hughes-Hallett)
MUTH232 Opera 1) A History of Opera (Abbate) (either the Norton edition or the Penguin edition – they are the same)
2) Opera: a Beginner’s Guide (Wilson)
PHIL259 Critical Thinking No required textbook
POLS110 Introduction to Politics and Government Politics (Heywood) 3rd ed.


Politics (Heywood) 4th ed.

POLS338 European Integration No required textbook
POLS398 Law and Politics Field School No required textbook.
PSYC100 Principles of Psychology Psychology (Gray) 6th ed.

Psychology (Gray) 7th ed.

PSYC333 Human Sexuality No required textbook
PSYC342 Psychology of Social Influence No required textbook
PSYC397 History of Modern Psychology No required textbook
SPAN112 Beginning Spanish 2 Nuevo Espanol en Marcha: Libro del Alumno


Nuevo Espanol en Marcha: Cuaderno de Ejercicios