Courses in Summer 2019

Below is a list of Summer+ and some Specialized Program courses being offered in Summer 2019 at the BISC. The third column indicates whether there is a required text and, if so, what it is.

If you do not see your course listed here, please contact us.

Course code Course title Course text
ASTR 101 Astronomy I: The Solar System No text required
GNDS 350 Feminism, the Body and Visual Culture No text required
HIST 273 New Imperialism No text required
IDIS 304 British Studies I No text required
INTS 306 Culture, Identity and Self Perfect Me: Beauty as an ethical ideal (Widdows)
INTS 307 Intercultural Relations Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication: Paradigms, Principles, and Practices (Bennett)
MUSC 171 Social History of Popular Music No text required
POLS 261 International Politics No text required
POLS 338 European Integration No text required
Global Project Management
APSC 223 Global Project Management  Ask instructor
INTS 324 International Perspectives in the Creative Arts ll: Deconstructing the City (Visual Space and the Modern) No text required
ENGL 278 Literature and Place: ‘Mapping the City’ Let them eat chaos (Tempest)
Interdisciplinary Studies in Health and Global Disability
HLTH 332 Foundations for Understanding Disability: A Health Perspective No text required
HLTH 402 Disability Studies: Issues, Research and Policy No text required
HLTH 403 Global Perspectives of Community Based Rehabilitation No text required
HLTH 404 Global Studies of Social Inclusion, Community Participation and Mental Illness No text required