Courses in Fall 2019

Below is a list of courses being offered in Fall 2019 at the BISC. The third column indicates whether there is a required text and, if so, what it is.

A number of courses are yet to confirm their required reading titles, so this table will be updated regularly as information becomes available. If you do not see your course listed here, please contact us.

Course Code Course title Required text
ARTH 116 Art and Architecture in Britain from the Classical Period to c1700 Janson’s History of art : the Western tradition (Janson)


A short guide to writing about art (Barnet)

BIOL 102 Introductory Biology of Cells Biology: a Global Approach (Campbell)

Please note: this title is excluded from the Book Buy-Back scheme.

BISC 100 Thinking Locally No required textbook
CHEM 112 General Chemistry You must buy the following e-text:

General chemistry : principles and modern applications (Petrucci)

If you want to use the print version of the book, you can either use the copies in the Library, or buy through us or Amazon a copy of the book. Either the 10th or 11th edition of the book is acceptable.

Please note: this title is excluded from the Book Buy-Back scheme.

CLST 129 Introduction to Archaeology Archaeology : theories, methods and practice (Renfrew)


The history of archaeology: an introduction (Bahn) (Recommended – not required)

DEVS 100 Canada and the “Third World” The companion to development studies (Desai)
ECON 111 Introductory Microeconomics Economics (Begg)
ENGL 100 Introduction to Literary Study All of the following:

Small island (Levy)
Small island (Play) (Levy and Edmundson)
How to Read Literature (Eagleton)
Tempest (Shakespeare)
Brand New Ancients (Tempest)

ENGL 237 Children’s Literature: Harry Potter and the English School Story TBC
FILM 104 Film, Form and Modern Culture to 1970 No required textbook
FILM 340 Advertising and Consumer Culture No required textbook
FREN 150 Français intermédiaire Grammaire Progressive du Français (4th ed.) (Gregoire)


L’Etranger (Camus)

GPHY 102 Physical Geography and Natural Resources An introduction to physical geography and the environment (Holden)
HIST 241 Issues in History: Medieval Europe: Castles, Kingdoms, and Religious Conflict No required textbook
HLTH 101 The Social Determinants of Health Social determinants of health (Davidson)


Lullabies for little criminals (O’Neill)

IDIS 304 British Studies No required textbook
INTS 312 Journalism in the 21st Century No required textbook
LLCU 214 Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth


MATH 121 Differential and Integral Calculus Calculus (6th ed.) (Hughes-Hallett)



MUSC 171 The Social History of Popular Music No required textbook
PHIL 151 Great Works of Philosophy

An Unconventional History of Western Philosophy: Conversations Between Men And Women Philosophers (Warren)

PHYS 106 General Physics An open source textbook (Introductory Physics by Martin) will be provided for free at the start of the course.
POLS 110 Introduction to Politics and Government Politics (4th ed.) (Heywood)
PROF 110 Self as Teacher Learning theories simplified (Bates)
PSYC 100 Principles of Psychology Psychology (Gray) 7th ed.


Psychology (Gray) 8th ed.

SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I Diverso 1 : Alumno, Ejercicio & CD (Corpas)